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Video Contest - (Steam Game Giveaway) (10-08-12)-(10-19-12) -OVER

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Crescent Gaming Co-Owner
Crescent Gaming Co-Owner


Hello everyone! The contest is now over! The winners are below.

First Place: I Am Mike - Chose CS:GO

Second Place: RobinHood - Chose Terraria

Third Place: AFL Kr0niic - Has not chosen yet

Congratulations to the winners! Stay posted in this forum section for more upcoming competitions!

*3 copies of payday are available in-case multiple winners want a copy.*

Hello Members!!! We are going to be hosting our very own video competition for Crescent Gaming! In this competition participants will be creating promotion videos for our TTT server. The following games will be given away!

Payday : The Heist

Counter Strike : Global Offence



(Thanks to FrozenCaveMan for the game donations and idea!)

Games will be given to first, second, and third place. First place will get to pick the game of their choice out of the 4 games above. Next, Second place will choose their game of choice out of the remaining 3 games and then third place out of the remaining 2.

Here are the requirements:

-Video must promote our TTT server whether it is a trailer, game-play, or other kind of video.

-Video must be AT LEAST 1 minute and 30 seconds long.

-Contestants MUST post their videos on youtube and provide a link to the video as a reply to this post with their forum account.

-The contest ends on Friday the 19th at 11:59pm eastern us time. (10-19-12)

Good luck everyone and have fun!

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Crescent Gaming Leader
Crescent Gaming Leader

took me about 5 hrs to make and i felt like killing my self after i deleted 1 min of the good footage

AFL Kr0niic

this took me an hour to edit and i did not work as hard as robin did so..... DONT GIVE HIM CREDIT ME WANTZ GAMEZ!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA


Crescent Gaming Co-Owner
Crescent Gaming Co-Owner

Here is my video. Took me about 10 minutes. I just did it for fun not to win anything. I also used the song frozencaveman posted in the music section! lol

I Am Mike

Crescent Gaming Respected
Crescent Gaming Respected

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