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Forum Rules

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1Forum Rules Empty Forum Rules Tue Sep 25, 2012 12:11 am


Crescent Gaming Co-Owner
Crescent Gaming Co-Owner

1. There will be no advertising of any kind on the forums.
2. Be polite to everyone.
3. Speak English only on forums no other languages.
4. No 1-2 word posts/post bumping.
5. Stay on topic on what the thread is talking about.
6. No threatening of any kind.
7. Listen to higher ranks they know better.
8. Do NOT post on dead threads.
9. Do NOT post links to virus, porn sites.
10. Do NOT ask admins for ranks.
11. Having issues with another player on forums? Do not argue on forums talk to rank about them and deal with it in a civilized manner.
12. Do NOT create multiple accounts.
13. Do NOT post spam.
14. Do NOT post in real life info about anyone or yourself.
15. Do NOT try to DDOS or threaten to do it to forums or servers.

-Made by Robinhood

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