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MOTD / Rules

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Crescent Gaming Co-Owner
Crescent Gaming Co-Owner

Basic Rules:

1. No Random Death Match (killing someone with no proof.)
2. Respect your fellow admins and players. Insulting is not needed.
3. No spamming mic or text.
4. No killing AFK's. They will be auto-moved to spectator after a time. (Traitors can kill afks)
5. Do not advertise other servers.
6. Do not ghost by any means necessary. Includes vent.
8. Any attempt to harm a player is seen as a threat. This includes: Props, Explosive Barrels, Fall Damage, grenades, or traps. You can be shot for those actions. Crowbar pushing is threat (Unless moving an afk)
9. During overtime you can claim small rooms. Traitors must continue to hunt.
10. Any types of glitching will get you punished. This includes map glitches. Play the game fair.
11. Do not impersonate an admin.
12. Hacking is not allowed. You will be banned for any sort of hacking.
13. You cannot force traitor testing. But it marks them as suspicious.
14. Live checks cannot be used to kill people, but to keep a tally of who is left.
15. Do not bait any player to fight them. Doing so will result in punishment. Traitors will be shot for baiting.
16. Yes, shooting a gun near/at someone and missing, is considered a threat.
17. If disarming C4, you must say you are disarming a C4 at a location, unless time on it is below 15 seconds. This is to stop you from blowing people up.
18. Do not avoid bans by using alternate accounts. This will get both accounts banned.
19. Respect all Admins. What they say goes.
20. Changing your name during a round will ban you automatically.
21. Saying you're a traitor once the round has started is a good enough reason to shoot you.
22. Breaking the traitor tester IS a reason to kill someone.
Detective Rules:

1. Make sure whoever you call out is a traitor. Your words are trusted.
2. Be active. Do your job. If you do not wish to be detective, turn the option off.
Traitor Rules:

1. Do not camp traitor rooms. Anyone camping in the traitor room more than 2 minutes at one time will be slayed. Be active.
2. If you waste time/screw around, you WILL be slayed next round.
3. Don't call out your teammates.

Admin Section:

1. Your powers are for the welfare of the players and not to give you an unfair advantage.
3. Do not punish other admins. If you have an issue with them please talk with a Super and higher.
4. To slay an individual, slay them when the actual round starts.
5. Do NOT kick for "afk", the server will handle that.
6. Before you slay for rdm, ask the individual why they shot who they shot.
7. Majority of punishments should follow the "Slay/Kick/Ban" rule. Slay first, then kick for second offense, and ban for third offense.
9. Punish on what you see, not what you hear.
10. If there is a Superadmin online, you must converse with them before banning someone.
11. Always listen and respect a superior rank.
12. Dont do stupid shit after the round ends like slay everyone alive.

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