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Panda's ToDo list

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1Panda's ToDo list Empty Panda's ToDo list Tue Oct 16, 2012 4:57 pm


Crescent Gaming Co-Owner
Crescent Gaming Co-Owner

This is a large ToDo list that is from the suggestions page, some if not most of these things will be added!

Poison Dart gun - does little damage, but also poisons the target allowing for slow death
Turret - attackes anything it sees (like the NPC)
Exosive Crossbow - sticks to things like a crowbow bult, and then explodes
Box of Man hacks* - releases a few manhacks into the air (also like the NPC)
Advance Disguiser - dusguies with name instead of nothing (needs regular disguiser)
Metoer Stike/headcrab pod* - drops a few rocks on your head OR drops a headcrab canister, contains headcrabs (like the NPC)
Silent AK47 - 1.5x damage of M16 (slower rate of fire?)
HE Grenade +discombob - does explosive damage, and blows shit away
BoobyTrap - sticks a small explosive onto a body, if someone "looks at it" then... tick tick tick BOOM
Tripwire - SLAM
Silenced MP5 - silenced version of MP5 (does a tiny bit less damage, since its silenced)
Blackhole grenade - pulls everyone in with a medium ammount of force and a small/medium radius

Defib* - revives someone
Antidote - cures the poison dart
Heal Connon* - when shooting someone it heals them
Medkit - portable health station but can only be used on someone else
Tripwire detector/defusial - defues slam (removes it from the wall)
Rope gun* - to pick up bodies from far away / grapple
Ultra Shoty - supershotgun, shoots slug instead of buckshot (one powerful instead of 10 weak)
Flak jacket - reduces explosive damage by 25%

Everyone: - these weapons will spawn may spawn on the map OR will become part of an innocent store, not sure on that one
AK-47 - 1.5x damage of M16 (slightly slower fire rate)
MP5 - same as Mac10 (stats will be used from CS:S)

Gumba Shoes - less fall damage, more damage to player stomped on (cuts fall damage in half?)
Parkour swep - allows for jumping off walls and grabbing ledges
Ammo Dispenser
Ice Grenade - freezes everyone in place for a few seconds

Anything with a * after the name is likely not to be added unless casper, mike and myself can decide if it is TOO overpowered and/or gamebreaking and how to fix it

List current as of 10/16/12

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